Sale of Borzoi

My Borzoi are sold as both pets and show dogs, or a combination of the two. Show dogs are adults capable of finishing a Championship. Show potential puppies are young dogs with no serious faults, which may mature to be show quality adults. Pets are dogs which are basically sound and have good temperment, but may have a fault that shouldn't be perpetuated by breeding. I require spaying or neutering on pet quality Borzoi. The price of my Borzoi is based on age and quality.

Sale Requirements

I require references. My primary concern is that my dogs are going into loving, caring, permanent homes. A fenced yard is not required but is recommended. I prefer that my dogs are sold to homes where they will be house dogs, either full or part time. If there is no fenced yard then the Borzoi cannot be tied outside, nor can they run loose. The dog must be walked on a leash unless there is a fenced area to exercise it. I reccomend obedience training very highly. Be sure to select a qualified trainer who will help you train your dog. I do not recommend you give the dog to a trainer to train.

When puppies or adults are sold, a number of items go with the puppy or adult. This includes: leash, buckle collar, chain collar, pedigree, dog care booklets, health record, pictures of puppy and parents, at least a few days supply of food. I provide a lifetime referral service for care and any questions. Puppies are usually tattooed early with their AKC registration number on their inside hind leg for identification. AKC registration papers, tattoo and NDR registration information is also included. If you want a full bag of food when you purchase your Borzoi, I can sell you a bag at my cost. Vitamins can be purchased from me or another Shaklee distributor. A dog crate is very highly recommended regardless of whether you buy a puppy or adult. I can obtain one for you, if you wish, and it would be sold to you at my cost. This is usually $100-$200.

Although I hope that all my dogs will stay with the person that first buys him or her, if circumstances are ever such that you cannot keep one of my Borzoi, I will take the dog back. I do this out of consideration for my dogs. If you ever have need to board your Borzoi and it is convenient to do so, I will board him or her at a greatly reduced boarding fee. Ask what the current fee is.

I am very willing to work with a person who buys one of my Borzoi. If a show or breeding prospect is purchased, I will try to help in any way I can including recommending breedings and helping with showing. Please ask questions- I want to help. I try to promote responsible dog ownership. I would also appreciate if, whether you buy a pet or show Borzoi, to please keep in touch for the lifetime of your dog with letters, pictures or phone calls.

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